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August 2009. Albert and I were in a journey from Barcelona to France. Some days ago, Albert began to compose a new melody with his piano. Now, while we relaxed on the sand beaches along the Catalonian and France coasts, brainstorming processes talking about everything gave us a lot of ideas for lyrics. We began to know that R.A.S. not only was a band to play covers from other artists. Talking about the crisis, the global economy system… with my old Spanish guitar worn by the sun and the sea salt, we gave the soul to “CHANGE NOW” song. It is the second R.A.S. song… well maybe the first VIKING HAMSTERS song… we don’t know exactly. Since that travel, we decided that our way would go in the path of our songs, not cover songs.

Well, here you have CHANGE NOW lyrics. We believe that the first step to overcome the actual situation is to believe in yourself, to believe that you can do all you want. Leave the system, take the control of your life, stop the wheel and think positive my friend. CHANGE NOW!!!!!

Sergi Grangel – The Viking Hamsters

Welcome to the land
Where the wheel never stops
Living with stress
Doesn’t matter because we have it all

There’s no time for smiles
We must work really hard
To be able to buy
The happiness in the Promised Land

Your life belongs to me
Now your voice is mine
Just follow me
Be just once more … in my mind

Numbers, we are just numbers
perfect figures to align
Mire, we are just mire
perfect figures to mold

Take the control of your life
And be the person that you´d like to be
Change now! your mind
And create the path of your new being

How blind we have been
Agreeing to this reality
To live the future today
Without knowing that this will be our tomorrow.


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